Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 440

27 Moves
4 Sheep
2 Flowers
100 Suns
100 Strawberries

The object of this level is to move the 4 sheep from the left to the hay on the right. And its not as easy as the video shows I know. I was very lucky that time, but not so lucky that I could get more than one star. Break the ice and webs and remove the flowers as quickly as you can, while watching for opportunities to start moving the sheep across. Being careful not to try and move one sheep forward, while accidentally moving another sheep backwards. Make sure that they are further away from the other sheep before you move your row.
Use your shovels to remove crops that will make easier matches for you. Try and make the rows as long as you can so that you move the sheep further with each move.
Its trial and error and a good board that will help.