Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 439

33 Moves
8 Flowers
2 Spiders
60 Suns
60 Apples

The spiders have returned, scarier than before.
Break the top flowers and webs first, in as few moves possible (use a shovel if you need to) to get the spiders to jump down to the bottom.
The advantage of not breaking the flowers open straight away means that the spider can't web any crops but if you don't get the top flower of the bottom two rows, you won't get the spider to move. So save your last 2 shovels (or 3 if you haven't used one yet) until towards the end.
Make rows and break as many webbed crops as you can.
You could always start opening the bottom flowers, but not completely until the last minute when the spiders have moved and then it won't matter.
Plan matches carefully so you can make combinations and make more than one row a move.