Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 438

32 Moves
10 Sheep

110 Apples
110 Carrots
110 Strawberries

Don't be horrified when you see this level, its not as bad as it looks
Just remember to buy your shovels and you will be fine. They don't move the sheep if you bash them, but you can use crops that are in the way of a decent match.
Move your sheep towards the middle as quickly as you can, being careful not to touch more than one or you always move the wrong one the wrong way lol. The other crops should fall and take care of themselves, but once you have moved your sheep nearer to the hay, it will be easier for you. Then you only need to keep an eye on the crops you can move on the hay to make your rows up.
It should also be easy to make some +5 moves on here too, the more of them or other combinations you make, the more points your falling crops will gather.
Now. Who's for mint sauce?