Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 436

24 Moves
4 Sheep 

110 Strawberries
110 Suns

Little bit of info for you here, you cannot freeze your sheep if they land on the snow patches
Sometimes its handy to move them there and then you save another crop from becoming a snow ball. Quite useful sometimes.
The object of this level is again, like the others. Move the sheep to the hay while gathering Suns and Strawberries as quick as you can. The more matches you make in one move, the more points you will get added onto your needed crops. +5 moves in any game, even if its not the crop you want, is always good as you will get more crops falling down.
Move your sheep as quickly as you can by making a row next to them. You know by now that the last crop you moved to make your row, will be the place the sheep jumps to. So to get him to jump onto the hay, move him as close as you can, then make sure the last piece you move to make your row, is the one on the hay.
While you are doing all this you will see the snowballs falling. Don't worry too much, as you make your rows of crops, chances are you will also break the balls too.
I know it all sounds so easy, but it will probably take you a few attempts (at least)