Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 435 **Farm Club**

24 Moves
4 Sheep

12 Flowers
140 Strawberries
140 Suns

You should be used to moving sheep now. Its not so Bah-d after all
You need to remove the inner rows of flowers to get to the sheep behind, so that you can start opening the outer flowers. We have firecrackers on this level too to make it a little easier for us.
You know how to make the firecrackers jump, make rows of 3 or more crops next to them and after 3 times, they jump, setting off 4 sparks that fly over your board and act like shovels. If they land on flowers, they open them a stage as well, so this helps you a lot.
Make bigger combinations and rows to get extra points.
Its easy to get the sheep to move over this time, and its easy to get the needed crops as long as you plan moves carefully. You can even get all 3 stars without shovels.