Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 434

25 Moves
2 Sheep 

12 Flowers
140 Strawberries
140 Suns 

Open the flowers as quickly as you can, even if you move the sheep around. It doesn't really matter at the moment. You need to open all the flowers so that you can move the sheep down to the hay.
Once you have made a break in the top row, they will start falling underneath so you can get to the lower flowers too.
The aim is to try and line up your crops so that you can make matches fall down several times and as more crops fall down, you can make more rows. Plan your moves carefully and try to make the rows next to as many flowers as you can, this will save your moves. Once you have done all that, make moves carefully so that you get your sheep down to the hay. You will probably find that as you are making your rows, the sheep get moved closer towards the hay anyway.