Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 431

Meet the sheep :)

16 Moves
Crops Needed:
1 Sheep

28 Apples
28 Suns
28 Water drops

Ok, quick recap for those of you who haven't seen the guide. We now have to herd sheep. Its not as hard as it looks when you first start it.
To move the sheep you need to make a row of crops next to it. Just like you do for spiders, and chickens and anything else you want to move. The only difference this time (apart from the fact its a sheep lols) your sheep will move to the point you made the match. So if you match 3 crops, and the last crop you move is in the middle of the row (as previous example) your sheep will jump to the middle of the row. If the last move you make to match the crops, is on the right hand side of the row, that's where the sheep will land. If this makes no sense to you whatsoever (and I would not blame you for being confused) watch the video at the end of the guide to see it in action.
If you are still with me, and not crying in the corner now because I have totally confused you, you need to employ the very same tactic to remove the sheep and take him home to his haybales. The aim this time is to move the sheep across your board, so you get him near to the hay. Then make the first match you can, so that which ever crop you move, its on the hay. He will then jump and is home. (again watch video for demo)
Sounds really complicated, but really it isn't, you just need to practice. Its like one of those little plastic puzzles you get, where the picture is cut into blocks and there is only one space free, so you need to move the other pieces backwards and forwards and round and round until you make the picture. (and if you haven't tried one of those puzzles, you had a deprived child hood  )
Luckily the rest of the crops requirements are pretty easy for this level.
Have fun!!