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Farm Heroes Saga Level 444

Move your sheep to the hay then if it hasn't happened already, make your water. Match crops on grass for extra points.
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New companions!

 So King recently introduced new companions. You can read the official announcement HERE They are good from the point of view that you no longer need to use beans to activate them! This is how they appear: And then it gives you your animal I got a calf, what did you get? Next when you go to play the level it gives you an option of companions. I assume there are more than one as my friend has the other.  We don't need beans anymore to activate them! On my current level where they appeared I need apples so that is what I got.  I found that when I opened flowers, the bar creeps up a little...not as much as matching 4 or more crops but more than it has been doing before the new version appeared. Not sure if that is working as it should or a glitch, so waiting to hear back from King. If it isn't changed here within a day or two, its working as intended.  You cannot seem to choose NOT to use the companion like before. Not yet anyway. This could change in the future if enough complain

Farm Heroes Saga Level 400

Farm Heroes Saga Level 399

The object of this level is quite simple, you don't need to move the eggs at the bottom, you do need to move the egg at the top down, but keep it in the same column its in. Its important that it stays in the same column and doesn't move as it will not be easy to get it back to where you need. You need to keep it in that column so that the egg will fall into place. You need to set off the firecrackers so that they will spark onto the crops in the way, or you can make a row of crops under it, as long as you do not move it left or right, then the egg will move down. You need to get it in place of where the crop is next to the two eggs. Once that egg is in place, if its not hit by a firecracker spark, crack it open with a shovel so that it will meld with the other eggs and make a dragon. The eggs on the left side are slightly different. When the crop under the egg is removed, the egg above will fall into its place. If the firecracker doesn't spark onto it, you could use a s

Farm Heroes Saga Level 398

On this level you can see we need to get to the flowers which are behind the ice blocks to make things tricky for us. They are in between the water barrels which mean that we need to remove the flowers before we can get the water. Sometimes the iced crops and the crops around it are in a position where they can be started quickly, you could use a shovel to break the first crop. You need to get things moving as quickly as possible as your moves will soon start to disappear and you need a lot of suns to collect. Make your moves near a firecracker, let them be your friend to help you with your battle to complete the level. Don't worry too much about unblocking the ice above the outer barrels, once you remove the flower you can get to them that way, plus the ones in the middle to get your water, it might save you some moves if you just leave them. As long as your flowers are unblocked quickly the rest will follow. Again making rows of 5 cropsies will help in this level.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 397

This level is easy as long as all the crops fall down where you want them to. Its a good idea to make rows at the bottom if you can, near the water barrels, so that more crops have chance to fall down from above. When crops fall, you have more chance of multiples matches happening. Make matches with higher value crops first when you can. The more higher value crops you can make the less cropsies you will need to remove. Keep an eye open for any possible 5 row crops, it will help you make numbers up.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 396 **Rancid**

IT'S RANCID TIME You have  to defeat the smug smirking weasel by throwing Strawberries, Apples, suns and water drops at him. Underneath the iced crops are patches of grass. Try and break the ice as soon as possible, then you can get your crops onto the grassed area and amass extra value on your crops. More value means heavier crops to fling at him. So keep your eyes open to break it as soon as you see a chance. Then keep trying to make lines of crops on the grass for the points. This is one level that would be handy if it had firecrackers in, but I think Rancid has hidden them! Try to remove only the crops that you need if you can, although if you remove 3 or more carrots, you will get extra value on your needed crops. Of course the other advantage of clearing the iced area means you can make more rows at the bottom, which will make more crops fall from the top, giving you added chances of multiple matches. Fear not, it may take a few attempts, but you will succeed!!