Sunday, 5 April 2020

Level 2025

The frog is blocking the oysters and sometimes the firecrackers don't reach him so it can be handy to use a shovel on his head to get him bouncing around and eating those water bombs!

Level 2054

Concentrate on opening the flowers before worrying about which crops were grumpy or not. Use shovels on seeds to make grass instead of wasting a move but make sure it covers more than one piece of slime if you can.

Level 2053

You must cascade crops on this level to get anywhere and make plenty of water. You can hit the chicken with a shovel to move it rather than waiting.
You also don't need to collect all the flowers thankfully.

Level 2052

This was a tricky level. Try not to break all the webs near the empty nests because the spiders will just web them up again.

Level 2051

We only need 14 sheep so far, cascade crops to get the required amounts.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Level 1665

The flowers are trapped by the poppies which are iced over and the bull is trapped by the fireflies! Get the fireflies lit and away so that you can get the bull over to get the poppies. The bull is on a 3 square log, move him right so that he hits the ice, and then back to the logs and then over to hit the freed poppy. The grower companion is great for the flowers, if you have it. Watch your crop count as well you need lots, but don't cry over the amount!

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Level 2050

I am not kidding, if you are stuck on this level it took me weeks, although I was replaying older levels in between that I needed to remake as they had changed.
Tonight I don't know if they had changed it slightly but I got closer than ever before finally completing.
The sheep are pretty easy. Its the spiders while making sure the water drops mount up. The board always seemed to layout with the same options of making a row on both sides of the spiders. Remember shovels and if you can move two sheep at the same time the better.

Level 2049

4 poppy flowers on the board but you only need one to be hit.
Oysters and flowers first then the poppy.

Level 2048

Tricky level because you have to break the ice before the bulls can hit the poppies.
Try to move the bulls at the same time even if opposite directions.
I found that every time the board loaded up the initial moves were always the same.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Level 2047

Tricky but fun, break the ice, make some extra hay to help, you don't need to collect all 4 sheep though!
Cascade crops to get the points needed.