Saturday, 11 July 2020

Level 1225

You need to line up as many healthy crops as you can against as many firecrackers as you can.
Work in the main board mostly then crops will fall down and open the flowers above on their way.
If you use the igniter companion it helps with the firecracker parts.
Use shovels to drop crops into better positions or just to gather lone high valued crops.

New design level

Friday, 3 July 2020

Blockers and obstacles to Satisfaction

Seeds Seeds and more Seeds!

Flowers are the first seed. Make 3 rows next to them and they are gone. Later on by level 586 we have to grow our own from seeds by swapping it with a healthy water drop. Swapping a healthy water drop with a flower seed will make it germinate. The same with grass seed on level 41, and hay on level 461! Grass made over areas of miserable slime cancels the grumps out.

Cracking up!

On Level 27 eggs appear. To crack eggs you need to make a row of 3, they join together and become one cracked egg. Make a row of 3 cracked eggs and they join together to become a chick! Later on you will also meet alligator eggs. To make an alligator egg, you do the same. Only they start off sitting on nests first, then you need to remove the nest, then crack the egg then match them up. Chickens will appear, they also lay eggs. It's rare that eggs will fall down with crops if chickens are around so you will have to do all the work here. They arrive on level 191 proving for once and all that the egg came before the chicken haha. To move the chickens you make a row next to them causing them to flap their wings, lay an egg and fly across the board. Often landing on crops we were planning on making a row with. Sometimes they lay cracked eggs which can help or hinder depending on where they lay them. You can also move them with a shovel. Cascading crops can move them more than once in a turn also.

Bombs, spiders and Snowballs?

Bombs appear on level 236. You need to make a row that includes the same crop to remove them. If you have played Candy crush saga, you will have seen them before. Get them before they count down or they explode and steal your gathered crops!

On level 266 Mr Spider appears. This cute friendly looking insect throws himself into any empty nest and spins a web around himself. You need to make a row including one of the webbed crops to break it. Once there is a clear row touching the spider, the next move evicts him. Once there are no empty nests he goes away.

Read about how to remove the spider here

The snowballs appear on level 311. Unless they are moved away from those snow squares they will just re-snow! Underneath them are your poor crops. As they are moved down the board and away from those patches, making a row of any crop directly next to them will cause the snow to break away, freeing your crops. Be careful you don’t get many on your board or its like an avalanche! Your board will be full of snowballs and no crops. If you have a board with grass seeds on, making grass over the snow squares will melt it away stopping them reforming where there is now grass.

Jumping frog firecrackers!

Match next to the firecrackers 3 times and they explode, with several sparks landing anywhere on the board. Landing on webs or ice or eggs is handy as they break them. Landing on crops means they remove them. It's like having several shovels at once! On some levels though they will be part of requirements and you might have to get a lot. They can be handy though. These little beings spark into level 356

Frogs are red, blue or green. Blue slurps up water, Red eats strawberries and green finds apples the best. They are not handy if you need to collect any of those and you have the matching frog because they eat your crops! However if the crops they eat are not needed, they can remove them, leaving room for better crops to fall. Meet those on level 431. Move or activate them by making a match next to them. Luckily they will only move once in a move so won’t be affected by falling crops. Be warned though, they usually leap just on the crop you were about to match! They have big bottoms and that’s all I am saying about them.

Beware of the sheep and Rob the Rabbit!

Meet the black sheep of the family on level 806, with his good counterpart starting life on level 431. These sheep need to have a row made next to them and they will move to where the last crop was moved in that row. The levels where you need to collect them will need you to lead them across to the hay, or in some cases, make hay to lead them to. Now you see why we spoke about the hay seed earlier!

I would advise that you always make the row across, or in between as many sheep as you can if leading them onto the hay, because if you can move 3 sheep onto the hay in one move, it saves precious moves for the crops gathering. You can lead as many white sheep as you want onto the hay as long as the row touches them all.

Black sheep are a little different. Someone didn’t feed them before they let them loose into the game! You will only ever be able to move one black sheep onto hay at a time. Why? Because the naughty sheep will eat the hay he lands on leaving an empty square. If you can lead a white sheep and a black sheep onto hay at the same time, the white sheep always moves first so will get to the hay before the black sheep eats it!

You will meet Rob the rabbit on many levels throughout the game. His one purpose is to eat all the carrots. Making a match next to him will stun him for 3 moves giving you time to pick carrots for yourself. If you are feeling particularly mean, you can hit him on the head with a shovel and that stuns him too!

Fireflies and oyster shells

3 Stages of a firefly that first appear on level 491. Closed, open, lit. You must make a match next to him to move him through each stage before he lights and flies away. If you have multiple flies on the board though, they all need to be lit before they will fly away. If they are not all lit up they won't go anywhere. This can be tricky, so its always good with these levels to work from the bottom up. Oysters are found on level 626 first. They only need 2 matches made next to them before they move. But unlike the fireflies, if you open them and then do not make a match next to them to remove them, they will close up again. Awkward when they are in a tight spot.

River logs, The Bull and Mushrooms

Crops sit on logs starting on level 851, sometimes flowers do too, or webbed crops if there is a spider near. They move along the river, one square with each move. Sometimes this can be useful because as they move crops around it gives you the option to make some other matches you wouldn’t normally be able to make. They can also be handy in some cases if you want to get a bull out of the way, you can send him onto a log to float around.

The bulls and mushroom are a little more complicated so to make it easier for you we have separate guides for you to look at.

Weed Blockers *NEW 


Weed Blockers cover spaces on the board and need to be removed by matching next to them.

Each time you match next to a Weed Blocker, it will remove one layer by removing a yellow petal from the grass. Match next to it to completely remove the weeds and you will know they are done when they have no petals left.

How to remove spiders

Spiders appear in level 266

Some spiders are already sitting in nests, and on some levels you have empty nests for the spider to jump into. 
The trick to removing a spider is not as hard as it looks. You see the crops that are covered in webs? These can be broken by matching crops with the webbed crop. So in this image, moving the strawberry over to form a row, will break those webbed strawberries. Make another match to remove them and the spider will be moved too. You just need to make a clean row match next to him. 

You can see how to do this in action here

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Level 1557

Lots of patience needed on this one. Break the weeks and keep moving the bulls around until they line up with the poppies. The crops will likely gather themselves.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Level 2080

We only need to grab 5 black sheep this time, so concentrate on opening the flowers, the crops will fall into place, and remember the 5 sheep when the best moves are there for you.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Level 2079

I gave up and used a companion on this one as I managed to get down to just needing a few of one item. The igniter one worked best as you have so many things to do at one time.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Level 2078

I played this level for so long and then used a companion but still only got one star so I kept at it until I did it again. Companions don't really help. What does is a good board and luck, but I would highly advise using a shovel on the mushroom at the beginning and then make as many matches as you can against it. Saved so many moves.

Level 2077

Another tricky level where you have lots of spiders, webs, ice and flowers. You need a ton of patience for this one, some levels won't let you win until it wants you to and I thought this was one of them. However if you are still reading this and haven't overtaken me yet....I know from experiance that everyone finds levels differently.

Level 2076 **Rancid**

Rancid level. Urgh. Use the crops on logs to match up with the others and open the weeds on the grass quickly so that you have room for making points and cleaning crops.

Level 2075

Set your firecrackers off...a lot. You need a fair few anyway but I used a companion on this level. I spent way too many weeks on it.